Sedation Dentistry in Rowlett, TX

Sedation Dentistry


sedation dentistry in rowlett txChildren are commonly fearful of going to the dentist even before they arrive at the office. Sedation dentistry may be recommended by Dr. Ramsey to help reduce a child's anxiety.
Mild to moderate sedation dentistry allows your child to stay awake, while deeply relaxed, during the procedure. This means he or she will still be able to follow direction from the dentist, and the sedation will put the child at ease during the appointment. Due to the length and complexity of some procedures, Dr. Ramsey may suggest the use of sedatives even if the patient is not uneasy.
Sedatives can be administered using a variety of methods:
Inhalation - Nitrous oxide or "laughing gas"
Oral medications
Intravenous sedatives
Different sedatives and routes of administration produce different levels of sedation. Dr. Ramsey is thoroughly trained to determine the best level of sedation for a fearful child. Dr. Ramsey has training to administer light to moderate sedation - nitrous oxide and oral sedatives. Dr. Ramsey's two priorities during procedures that require sedation are your child's safety and comfort. The My Kidz Mouth Dental team is fully trained and very experienced in monitoring patients and recognizing any potential complications after the administration of medications.
When deeper levels of sedation than what oral moderate sedation can provide are necessary, there are two options - IV or general anesthesia. On healthy children who are candidates, IV anesthesia can be performed in the convenience of our office setting and is administered by an anesthesiologist.  If your child needs treatment under general anesthesia in a hospital or surgery center setting, Dr. Ramsey has several trusted facilities to which she can refer.  With both IV and general anesthesia the patient is asleep for all dental procedures.

Dr. Ramsey understands that two no children are alike. My Kidz Mouth Dental works hard to accommodate the needs of children from the calmest to the most fearful. If your child refuses to go to the dentist because he or she is afraid, contact Dr. Ramsey and her team today!

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