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Children's teeth can decay or become damaged due to a variety of reasons, including poor hygiene habits, injury, or other trauma. If this has happened to your child, Dr. Ramsey can use restorative dentistry (fillings, crowns, etc.) to save his or her tooth. She feels strongly about preserving as many natural teeth as possible as this will help with ideal oral health during the adult years.
Dr. Ramsey offers composite, or tooth colored, fillings so your child can keep the bright smile you've always known. The composite is very strong and durable, and most will last longer than the natural tooth.
Stainless Steel Crowns
When a primary tooth has a large cavity and there is not enough of the remaining natural tooth to support the placement of a filling, a stainless-steel crown is recommended to repair the tooth and return it to normal function. The stainless-steel crown in pre-made, adapted to fit over the entire remaining portion of the tooth, and adjusted to fit the bite properly and cemented into place. This procedure is completed in a single appointment.
If your child's tooth cannot by saved, Dr. Ramsey may need to perform an extraction. Depending upon the length of time that will elapse between the removal of the tooth and the expected eruption of the permanent tooth, she may also use a space maintainer. A space maintainer is an orthodontic appliance that ensures other teeth do not shift into the space for the developing adult tooth.
Kid Friendly Language
Dr. Ramsey and her staff never use any scary words around children. Instead of shots, we use "sleepy bubbles". Instead of drilling on your tooth, we use our "water whistle" to brush away the bad guys. We don't pull teeth, we give them a "bear hug" so they can jump out for the tooth fairy. 
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