Preventive Dentistry

Dental Cleanings and Examinations


family dentist in rowlett txIt is important for your child to take care of his or her teeth; they are holding spaces for permanent teeth that will erupt later in life. We suggest bringing your child to meet with Dr. Ramsey for the first time prior to their first birthday and maintaining a regular visit schedule thereafter. This will help your child foster a relationship with a caring dentist who will encourage ideal oral hygiene for a lifetime.


Dr. Ramsey's dental examinations for children are just as important as the dental examinations Dr. Montoya does for adults for prevention of a variety of oral diseases. She will take a look at your child's teeth and gums and will advise you if anything requires intervention. We also recommend x-rays in order to view concerns, particularly decay, that aren't visible to the naked eye. Since children have not yet mastered proper brushing and flossing, Dr. Ramsey takes extra care to ensure you child's teeth are strong and healthy. The x-rays can also help Dr. Ramsey identify complications related to crooked teeth. Early detection and treatment is key to reducing orthodontic issues that may be more complex and expensive to treat if you wait. Read more in the Interceptive Orthodontics section.




sealants rowlett txDr. Ramsey may recommend the application of sealants to your child's teeth in order to prevent decay. The process is quick, painless and can be combined with a teeth cleaning. With meticulous care of these protective coatings, sealants can last five to ten years.


Mouth Guards


mouthguard rowlett txIf you have an active child, a mouth guard may be a good option while he or she is playing sports. A mouth guard is an effective way to protect teeth from chipping, cracking, or breaking in half, and it much less expensive than restoring teeth after a trauma.  Dr Ramsey can recommend the best solution for your child based on their age.
Dr. Ramsey is also available for help if you are struggling to break bad habits your child may have developed:
Thumb sucking
Continued use of a pacifier
Drinking sugary drinks from a bottle
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