When Tooth Extractions in Rowlett are Necessary for Your Child's Smile

Sometimes, a tooth extraction is required to maintain the health of your child’s smile. Baby teeth need help falling out to make room for your child’s adult teeth and an extraction is recommended. Extremely damaged or decayed teeth also need to be removed to save your child’s healthy teeth from the negative effects of decay.
Kids may require a tooth extraction in Rowlett, TX if:
● They have severe tooth decay
● Their smile requires more space for another procedure
● Baby teeth do not fall out
● A tooth has been damaged due to trauma
Teeth need to be removed if they become too badly damaged or decayed. A tooth extraction, performed by Dr. Ramsey, is recommended to maintain the health of your child’s smile. Tooth extractions are never a dentist’s first choice, so other options are given priority consideration. Before deciding to perform a tooth extraction, Dr. Ramsey will seek out alternative options. 
The Procedure
If a baby tooth is easily visible and accessible, it's possible to perform a simple extraction. This means the area will simply be numbed with a local anesthetic and the tooth is removed with forceps. A more complicated extraction requires a child to be put under anesthesia for the duration of the procedure. IV sedation is used to put your child to sleep for the duration of the extraction. This helps keep the procedure safe and comfortable for the child and it helps the extraction run smoothly. 
Your Child’s Aftercare
Some bleeding after treatment is normal and subsides after a few hours. A clot will form that acts as a protective shield for the surgical site. Stitches may be necessary to assist in the healing process. Your child should try to keep food out of the surgical area and maintain the blood clot to avoid a dry socket. Dry sockets can cause infection and other issues with the area when it's still sensitive, so be sure to pay careful attention to keep it protected. After treatment, it's recommended that your child should stick to a diet of only soft foods for a few days.
Be Proactive With Your Child’s Dental Care
The best way to avoid a tooth extraction in Rowlett, TX is to protect the health of your child’s smile! Helping your child develop healthy habits through proper dental care and nutrition keeps their smile healthy and happy! Kids should brush twice a day and floss once at night. Visiting Dr. Ramsey twice a year also ensures their smile is healthy and will give us the opportunity to detect any underlying issues. Your child should be eating healthy snacks that nourishes their bodies and avoid eating too much sugar. Sugar leads to serious dental health issues, so monitor their daily intake.
Some snacks that contribute to decayed teeth are:
● Candy
● Fruit Juice
● Carbonated drinks
● Citrus
● Chips
If you notice your child has a liking for sugary or salty snacks, you'll need to monitor their dental health. Be sure to provide a nutritious diet for your children and teach them about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about our Rowlett tooth extractions, call our office at (972) 412-5064 to request more information or to schedule your child's routine visit to My Kidz Mouth Dental today.
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